"I can’t help feeling that the argument that Elsa must be a lesbian is a tad misogynistic. Just because she didn’t get a prince within the movie she must be attracted to women? I feel like they’re missing the point of having a female character who isn’t defined by a romantic relationship. The same crap happened with Merida, and it makes me mad"

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"I never really understood how people can relate to songs so strong until I heard ‘Let It Go’. It takes my breath away every time I hear it and it makes me want to stand tall and proud even if I’m home alone. After being emotionally abused by my mother for 20 years I finally found the courage in myself and moved abroad to study the career of my dreams even when my mother hates it. I’ve already been here for few years but listening to Let It Go keeps filling me with pride for my own courage"

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"If it wasn’t for The Princess and the Frog I don’t think I would’ve found to drive to go back to school. Tiana was fearless, dedicated and always went after her dream even when everyone said she’d never make it. I’m now in college in Radio & TV News Production, because everyone said I’d never go back to college. I’m almost there, thanks to Tiana"

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by day i am just a regular loser, by night i am the same loser only it’s nighttime

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"I have a problem when people say something’s real or not real, or normal or abnormal. The meaning of those words for me is very personal and subjective. I’ve always been confused and never had a clearcut understanding of the meaning of those kinds of words”

Happy 56th Birthday, Tim! Thank you for creating some of our favourite childhood films, and teaching us that it’s okay to be yourself! (August 25th, 1958) 

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i want to be rebellious but i dont want to get in trouble  

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maybe i’ll be hot tomorrow 

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I don’t care that I am a full grown human my parents should still carry me in from the car when I pretend to be asleep

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wanna take naps naked with you

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Disneyland Treats - As Requested!

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Poison apple apple

Oh, right. The poison apple apple.

The poison apple that’s an apple.

The poison apple chosen especially to be an apple.

The apple’s poison apple.

That poison apple apple?

Pull the lever!

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